ECO School,Ashley School .Week 9


Photo Credit : Ashley School 

Ashley C of E Primary School is the school going toward future approaches and sustainable living in the UK. The mission of this school and establishment ,they serves the school as the well-learning environment to provide a happy, caring, Christian environment where children develop independence and self-confidence whilst achieving their full potential.

Kids have their potato varieties which grow by them selves. Photo Credit :Ashley School

Kids have their potato varieties which grow by them selves.
Photo Credit :Ashley School

The school features the series of eco-friendly curriculum and they make kids actively do the practices in life with several approaches and projects. For instance,the first approach ,Kids in Ashley not only learn how to protect the earth and the society , they grow organic foods by them own in the farm of school. In the meanwhile,they learn the benefit of waste could be reused for feeding animals or growing other foods as silage. In the second approach, by each seasonal Green Stall, they sell their foods or homemade produce to school community, such as refreshing home-made cordials, jams ,chutneys, fruits, herbs and vegetables. In the third approach ,since kids they had much knowledge about sustainable developing by doing actions both in school and life.From year 6 ,they have chance to visit The House of Parliament in the UK and give their speeches to authorities about why school should make emphasize on the sustainable living issue into the course book of curriculum. Children in the school has unlimited potential and imagination to explore and discover this changing world and individauls beside coursebooks.The fourth approach is the design of the building , Ashley is rated as the best school in Surrey for energy consumption as they produce renewable energy from solar panels and sourced wood chip biomass boiler. Kids and their family also take part in the energy-saving contest called ‘100 Club Challenges’ held by Ashley in the summer term, and which successful group would be celebrated and certificated in the school assembly.


The monthly values in Ashley School leads students spirits and motivations more active and faithful. (Refer to Ashley School Website)

September 2013 – July 2014

Month Value
September 2013 Respect
October 2013 Happiness
November 2013 Unity
December 2013 Love
January 2014 Hope
February 2014 Trust
March 2014 Thoughtfulness
April 2014 Appreciation
May 2014 Quality
June 2014 Fairness
July 2014 Courage


Ashley School is the creative environment for kids to learn and live in the real life curriculum .As the aim of holistic education , students perceive the knowledge and  real experiences mentally and physically here.Learning is the endless way whether from very young age or whenever, In Ashley school ,kids are involved in much training work to cultivate their confidence and independence spontaneously , such as kids have their organic vegetables and foods in their lunch while they grow by them own; kids learn how to use the waste, energy efficiently and effectively ;school and teachers guide kids accomplish numerous tasks and solutions ; kids explore their creativity and stimulate their learning desire. Education is neither the tool nor textbook to children , it is the channel connecting future world and approaching children’s dreams. Though the extraordinary experiences and challenges in Ashley ,they understand to keep the society , the world healthy is such significant and try to tell people that we should start to act from ourselves and the communities.(appirio)


Ashley C of E Primary School :

Ashley Road
Surrey KT12 1HX

Young leaders in sustainability at Ashley School Photo Credit :cultureshift

Young leaders in sustainability at Ashley School
Photo Credit :cultureshift

Cultureshift Project :


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