Mental Training Workshop, Week 8

Photo Credit :holabirdsports

Photo Credit :holabirdsports

In my teacher education program, we took the diverse range of courses, in addition to the profession (subject), we also study something related to educational pre-service curriculum with the series of knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills. Group Consultation is one of pragmatic courses for student to learn how to deal with some students with special disabilities or mental problems.12/20 I went to one of mental training with teacher, Lin and her research team .She had much experience for that and some individual cases. In recently she has been involving in leading the group of young physical students (basketball ,tennis and other sports) for group mental training which designated by National Sports Affairs Council.  To athletes,whether losing or wining the competition ,it is such a big challenge when it comes to a mental or stress adaptation.

I went to Taipei Xin Xing Junior High School with teacher and her team and where is the specialized school gathering most of excellent teen national tennis players around Taiwan. The teacher started the mental training by asking some general questions about tennis, study and life in the beginning. As the students as members naturally give their feedback refer to questions or specific topic though the conversation, they may feel free to release the stress or discover the certain problem. Regarding the common or individual problem they mention, and then the leader makes the group cohesiveness by guiding them to find best solutions or alternatives for their problems. The key of the group consultation is that how the leader as guide goes though the interpersonal communication with their members by each one’s the truest emotional or inspiring sharing. Being the leader the one speaks less in the group but tries to listen and encourage his or her members to speak out their mental feelings. The goal of mental training though sharing is to gain the personal or group improvement either in the mental or physical side. Beside sharing and communicating, the mental activity is another beneficial strategy in the mental training to help members learn and understand their thought and behaviors.

During the typical mental activity, the objective or goal of the activity is set firmly in advance, such as how to help students get into their career plan or make personal improvement for current status. In order to get solutions for personal or group issues, members were asked to think and retrospect some impressive events or time with either the highest mood or lowest mood. They wrote them down as the timeline of life. Through the chart of timeline, they clearly see in which life events effect their emotion most or least, and try to do something to make better on-going or future timeline for career plan or personal improvement. In the similar activity, student also can write down their goals in the small card and following solutions to remind them work hard for their dreams.

In conclusion, the role of leader in a mental therapy is as the guide to offer positive support and listening instead of dominating or giving. Through this experience and practice, beside the therapy, surprisingly I had some acquaintance with the hardship and private issues of tennis training and its field at least. By reason of ethical consideration as group consultation’s latest requirement, it is also prescribed to keep the members issues private afterward as professional job indeed.


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