Learning Community ,week 1

This is a good start, we had our first meeting in Danshui Junior High school. Teacher Lu hosted this meeting, she is an experienced English teacher also a student studying in our Curriculum Master Degree now. Firstly ,she shared her teaching experiences and class management obstacles with us .On the other part, she also told us her trial which she has been using the theory of “Learning Community” during English class for couple of weeks. In this group among teachers,we share problems, suggest possible solutions to discuss, to carry out but also given any ideas and feedbacks through members.

Photo Credit: 佐藤學旋風,喚起教改熱情。 《 親子天下》2012.10.第39期

Photo Credit: 佐藤學旋風,喚起教改熱情。 《 親子天下》2012.10.第39期

The idea of learning community is suggested by a Japanese educator, Professor of Gakushuin University, Manabu Sato. It is a simple concept that for 21st century Education Revolution, Children come together to learn to grow by each other, while teachers learn and grow as professionals by groups. Nowadays, the quality of senior secondary and higher education is questionable in most of Asian countries, because the traditional test systems makes children lose their motivations to learn, they don’t know why to learn or how to learn. We have been told the way only to study hard and you could get great future or career by our parents or teachers. Knowledge is varied and changeable, it is said knowledge has no limit. If knowledge is stored in our head for tests or evaluations then what we learn from books from school is pointless. However, we never consider seriously about the problem of our education system and policy certainly limits children’s potential capability and creativity. Manabu Sato believes that to create a good learning environment for our children, the participation of peers, teachers, parents and citizens is important though any kind of educational activities. In order to fulfill this vision, students learn how to work together in classrooms, teachers build collegiality in their offices where they creatively challenge the issue of how to conduct classes and critique and learn from each other, and parents and citizens take part in classes and work jointly with teachers.

Learnning Community has been popular in Japan in these years , which probabaly change the way of children’s learning motivation and outcome.Indeed,our government also notice this trend , try to promote this idea to teachers , schools. Actually,in Taiwan now ,in some schools , there are some passionate teachers start their “Learnning Community” in their class. By next week , I will go to teacher Lu’s English class for teaching observation and also learn how she teaches in a way of Learning Community with her students.


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