My Blog… and “Education” !

About Me

Hey I’m Peggy (600720147). I’m an Education Masters grad student now. I majored in English at University. In this Blog, I would like to share with my friends and classmates my little English learning project. I have joined a teaching and learning group this semester, which consists of one professor (Masters in Curriculum), several local experienced English teachers from secondary schools, and a few students from the English Teaching Education Program. We have regular meetings every month as well as online meetings from time to time. The topics of the meetings range from teaching methods, current education policy, study reviews, to teaching observation, real classroom teaching, and class management.

I also often watch videos on Ted and Youtube to learn more about other issues relating to English teaching, especially when I have lots of free time in my holidays!


I’ll post the content of our meetings weekly, and do research on theories, studies and teaching methods. And also my personal reflections and expectations.


I am very passionate about teaching English and want to develop my teaching skills as much as I can. I have joined a community of English teachers and I am glad to have this opportunity to learn and share experiences. I suppose it is one of best ways to improve my English as well as to get experience working in a professional environment.


To learn how to teach English well using high quality teaching methods and materials.

To learn how to work within a group and stimulate my personal opinions.

To learn how to solve classroom management issues.

To improve all areas of my English and especially my writing skills.


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